Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to the future
We have currently got our plans finalised - finally. We're underway, planning the building schedule, doing costings. I've spent the last 10 months compiling my 'Look Book' of design and decorating ideas.
I thought we may have a break from the past to look into the future of Euphemia.
If I've nicked any photos from your blog, please excuse me. Along the way, I have neglected to note where I got the various photos from.
These are my bathroom ideas:

We'll have three bathrooms, including: a main bathroom upstairs, a bathroom downstairs and the ensuite for the main bedroom.
I'm not sure if you can see similarities in the bathrooms above, but there are certain elements in each photo which I like.  We'll have a free standing clawfoot bath. The original clawfoot we took out of the house is now down near the cubby, ready to be converted into a herb garden. We heard that re-enamelling was expensive and generally not very long lasting, so we've gone for a brand new bath.
We also have a couple of old marble topped washstands and have been pondering whether to have a hole cut in the top of one for a basin to be inserted. 
I also like the look of pestastal sinks with pretty mirrors and lots of open shelves close by.
I have been collecting etched glass containers for the bathroom shelves, and intend on acquiring myself a pretty collection of old mirrors for the walls.
There's exciting times ahead!

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