Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jewel Purpose II

Welcome to 2010 - hopefully, the year of the 'Great Restoration' (fingers crossed!).

But until the first tradie pulls up at our gate and guzzles down his breakfast Breaka, the search through Euphemia continues with more of the jewellery found.

I think every family has at least one of these cultured pearl brooches. They must have been the height of fashion at one stage.
I can't remember where we found the compass, but it has been stashed in with the jewellery for safe keeping.

I believe the pearl necklace was in a Mikimoto box, however, an estate jewellery specialist has told me it is not real.

I love the orange beaded earrings, and the similar green beaded earrings, they're very Carmen Miranda.

The bronze coloured stone earrings have Cartier written on the back, but I am told that they are also most likely fakes.

The little gold brooches are so dainty, I think they would be quite old.

The brooch in the case has a pink bead in the centre which seems to be made of timber. The tiny dangling heart has the Lord's Prayer printed on it.

These emerald looking earrings are presumably also just costume jewellery, but lovely all the same.

I would describe the collection of earrings as Art Deco, although I don't know if that would be at all correct. As you can see, one set is even still on the card from when it was brand new.

The four items beneath that are a similar age possibly. A couple of them are brooches but the other two may be chokers, previously with ribbon attached to them?

Above are two flower brooches and a pair of turquoise coloured screw on earrings.

And yet another brooch with a pretty rose coloured stone (or glass).

While the jewellery we found was not precious, I regularly wear it, and the children have had hours of fun getting the hatbox down and dressing up.

I will get around to selling some of it though. While a girl in 1910 may have needed a collection of 50 brooches, in 2010, they aren't such a key item this season.

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