Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some tidbits....
I thought you may be interested in a few little bits and pieces.

We think this flask is covered in crocodile skin. It has the feel, texture and patterning of crocodile skin. I came across an old crocodile handbag in a flea market on Mount Tamborine recently, and the leathers were very similar. My husband was just a little bit chuffed with this one.

This little pearler is the City of Brisbane street guide. The date of publication is unknown, although someone looking at it recently thought about 1931? But how many people would have a car in 1931? It's a far cry from today's complex coloured 'UBD'.  The maps, numbered 1 to 63 simply list the suburbs covered, ie, Map 10 is Bardon, Ashgrove and Red Hill. Our tiny street is on Map 9, Kelvin Grove and (the rest of) Red Hill. The suburb of The Gap, just beyond Ashgrove, is not included on any map. I believe in the early part of the 20th century this area was mainly a series of small farms.

I love these little shoe thingys - what are they called? These are for childen's shoes. I found them in an old metal trunk under the house. They are definitely staying with me. For the moment I've tied them together with some old lace, but I'll eventually give them a light sand and maybe some bees wax or oil?

This gorgeous set is set to stay, at this point. It must have been used by the family at Christmas time, as there's a coin included (see top right hand side) which would have been put in the pudding. The coin is from 1912.

These lovely old dears (the three pics above) are staying with us too.  I packed them up today.
If I had a crystal ball, I think I'd be seeing a lot of Silvo in my future!

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  1. I was interested to see the coin in the box. My mother (born 1912) always placed a coin in the box if she gave cutlery - especially knives - to ensure she didn't "cut the friendship".