Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy findings
I have been busy packing up our keepers in order to put our things in storage for the work to commence at Easter.
Amazingly, there are still objects popping up for the first time. Something I found today was a 'dance card'. Now I thought 'dance cards' were more a term of phrase rather than something literal. This is a card which is folder in half and fits into the palm of my hand. It's from 'The Bankers' Ball 1932', Brisbane.
Inside it is headed 'Programme', then there is a column for 'dances' (the one step, fox trot, modern waltz, one step, fox trot, old time waltz, fox trot, etc) and a column for 'engagements', which I assume is partners.
Gwennie would have been 19, and Doris a bit older. There are no names filled out on the card, so it must have been taken as a souvenir.
Also pictured above, and I'm sure they caught your eye, the handsome things, are a set of french doors. We picked them up last week at the Restoration Station just down the road. They are from a hospital at Warwick. They will feature in our lounge room and lead the way out onto the back verandah. 
They are mammoth in size, and are finished with a final coat of brown paint which has nicely crazed. The stencilling on the glass is too damaged to keep, so we will need to scrape it off entirely. At this stage, and of course, it's all subject to change, we intend to put them up as they are. It would be a shame to restore them too much to the point where they look like new doors - I don't get that?
The little cards pictured above feature Australian birds. I'd have about 50 of them at least. They were stored in a biscuit tin, so old it's pattern had rusted off. They were collectible in Capstan tobacco tins in 1912. They're beautiful, although their fate remains up in the air. In all honesty, I don't know when in the forseeable future I'll get a chance to do something with them - and I don't know what I'd use them for anyway.
The final photo is of a pile of keys. We must have 100 old keys in various sizes and styles. I don't know what to do with them either. 
The largest key, on top of the pile is very similar to our front and back door keys. They could take someones eye out they're so huge.
My packing attempt today was a bit half hearted, but I'll really get into it from Wednesday when school begins.

P.S. If you're after a good read, have a look at Rock Wallaby is my country cousin, a brilliant writer and amazing photographer. She lives on a property up north and is bringing up four very cute children.


  1. Aaaw shux cuz!!!

    I'm far more in awe of your wonderful writing!

    But appreciate the plug all the same.

    Are you ready for your baby to head off to school?

  2. Hiya, I've been following your blog after discovering it a few months ago - you are so lucky!! Such a treasure trove, I'm jealous. Just an idea for the cards you found, you could always frame them in a series and use them around the house, or make coasters out of them. Then again I'm sure there is a collectable market out there & someone would love them! Love the purple kitchen pic, that big central bench is wonderful. Shall keep reading wtih envy!

  3. Hi! I love it when I see you have posted a new post! 2 ideas:
    Cards - you could decorate an old toy box or similar with them and then lacquer over them, I once did this and it look awesome!
    Keys - you could either clean them or keep them rusty, but why not make a wind chime out of them, or a hanging mobile???
    Goodluck - can't wait to see more!