Saturday, January 30, 2010

Curiouser and curiouser
You name it, Euphemia has chewed it up and spat it out at our feet. We've come across false teeth, old pony tails, teeny tiny plastic horses, bullets, 38 bottles of blue-o, many an old metal mystery object, horse shoes and ancient spectacles. We also stumbled upon this bandage, which is triangular in shape, made from a fine cotton and printed with diagrams of how to tie it for various injuries.
Call me crazy, but I think that's a great idea and so obvious!

Above are two of the many gorgeous kitsch tea towels I have. Gwennie and Doris must have bought one as a souvenir of their trips, or they had been given them by travelling friends. Note one is to mark the year 1960 and it's in brand new condition. I also have a mint condition 1970. Currently in use in the kitchen are a couple of Hayman Islands, circa 1965? Fortunately, a tea towel is pretty much the same size as a pillow slip, and many of them will come out of retirement to commence a new career in the bedding industry.

I have two of these old flour sacks in pretty much new condition. They have never been used. They too are pillowslip size. What are the chances?

Above, the Queensland Centenary booklet from 1959. The other is a mint condition, boxed Holly Hobby diary from 1977. I would have been pining for one aged 5.

You name it, we had bottles of it. I've emptied some of the mystery items down the drain. The paraffin oil in the dark bottle is from 1932. The pure cod liver oil on the right hand side went to live in France, via Ebay.

I love this. It's an old stencilled doll cushion/toy. It's meant to be cut out, sewn together and stuffed. She's so quaint.

The old specs above are actually driving goggles that would have come with an early car. They are beautiful things.
I had a lot of pairs of these old boxed stockings. They sold on Ebay. Apparently, although very old, they can be rehydrated and worn still.

Anyone for a six pack of Guinness, circa 1960?


  1. ohh that instructional sling is fantastic!

  2. Please please tell us under what name you sell on Ebay! I always see you have sold things but have no idea where to look :) I love your blog!!