Monday, February 1, 2010

This is Euphemia's newest resident. Theodore 'Teddy' Buttons arrived on Saturday. He is a seven week old Ragdoll cat.
My husband and I are staunch dog people, however, our children bat for the other team. The blame firmly lays with an old cat that technically lived across the road from us, but spent more time at our house. I have to admit, he was an endearing cat who was vocal and affectionate. A couple of weeks ago his people moved to Tasmania, and so did he. This is him pictured below, on our front stairs of course.

Getting back to Teddy. I'd never heard of a Ragdoll cat, but I was taking in the sights and sounds of the Indooroopilly petshop on Friday when I saw three gorgeous cats...would you believe it. I assume petshops only stock kittens as fillers, when puppies aren't available.
The three kittens were cream with amazing blue eyes, and they were sitting politely in a row. I asked the assistant all about them. Ragdolls grow to be very big in cat terms, and they are content to laze around the house and keep you company. They're like the dog you get when you aren't actually getting a dog.
And how much for one of these kittens? $750!!!! I had no idea a cat could cost that much.
Nevertheless, unperturbed, I called my husband and began the sales spiel, telling him about this mysterious dog-like cat that everyone could love. I told him they were big, had blue eyes, loved company and cuddles.
'I'm all of those things. We don't need a cat.' He had a point, however, by Saturday morning I had him on side and we picked up Teddy from Redcliffe - for less than half the price!

He's only tiny but has loads of personality. How's this for a sleeping pose. The little weirdo.
I have mentioned to a close girlfriend of mine that if I start becoming a 'cat person' to please pull me aside and have a quiet word.
We lost him this morning. He disappeared into thin air at about 7.30am and I had to deliver a sobbing child to school with an assurance that I'd find the kitty. After spending from 9.30am til 11.30am on hold with the RSPCA with one hand, and turning the house upside with the other, I saw him standing at the living room door yawning and doing cat stretches. It seems he has a secret hidey hole under a huge sideboard.  See, a dog wouldn't do that.
Speaking of dogs, my dog, a tiny Jack Russell called Mary Agnes will be coming back to live with us in about August. She's been enjoying my sister's larger, fenced yard for the past year.
Mary Agnes weighs about 5kg and Teddy should grow to be over 6kg. That'll be interesting. I told my husband we could charge people to watch them fight. It'll top up the renovation coffers.


  1. Ha yes Ragdolls love a good hidyhole, mine hides in the back of my walk in robe, behind suitcases, shoes & what ever else gets stuffed in there. They are very dog like - try this , scrunch up a small piece of paper & toss it down the hall, my ragdoll & others I know will fetch it & bring it back - just like a dog!

    PS how do I join this & add my profile - I'm far from being Anonymous !

  2. Hi, I think you can follow by clicking on the white 'Follow' button in the top right hand corner. I always have trouble signing up to blogs but if you press enough buttons you can usually work it out?

  3. Thanks I've done it - MARA that's me, cheers