Monday, February 8, 2010

1965 Alive
It would seem Doris, the family's eldest daughter, went to New Zealand in 1965. It would also seem while there she collected every bit of paper memorabilia she could get her hands on, and it definitely appears that she never threw any of it out.
Forty five years later, I have come across the old plastic Qantas bag she stashed it in. There are over 100 pieces of memorabilia including old unused luggage tags ( see below).
Doris kept several old hotel menus including one from the Te Anau Hotel. On Friday, September 17th, 1965 the hotel served Consomme Galloise for starters, along with Ragout of Fiordland Venison and herbed carrots for main course. Dessert was a choice of vanilla or pineapple ice cream, taledo crepes meringue or Charlotte russe. This was folled by a demi tasse, served in the lounge. All very civilised and elegant. I have a bit of a thing for old cookbooks and menus, so these were very interesting to me.

Also in the bag was Doris' TAA airline ticket. This is from a time when airline travel was a luxury and people dressed to catch a plane. You would never have heard the slap, slap, slap of double pluggers down the tarmac in 1965. The ticket states: "Complete meals as well as morning and afternoon refreshments are served aboard your airliner - free of charge. There is a comprehensive bar on every aircraft and spirits, ale, soft drinks, cigarettes and matches are available". 
The Qantas menu is written in French with the English translation underneath. It includes Cream of Vegetable Soup, Lamb Cutlets, and a sweet pastry for dessert, followed by cheese and biscuits. Not a stale $10 muffin in sight.
There are several postcards, including the fold out type, and beautiful retro travel brochures, like the "Drive Yourself around Rotorua" one.
Also in the bag is a fair amount of hotel stationery and a travel book with plant specimens pressed in it.
The thing that makes this collection so special is that it's a rare piece of every day miniature from 1965, things which are seldom kept for so long. It's from a time before we were spoilt by over consumption, when travel was a luxury, and luxuries were not something consumed every day.
The whole collection is on Ebay right now, if anyone is interested in it. It's number is 330402975087.

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