Thursday, February 11, 2010

Toot! Toot!
Next stop: Panic Station!!
Despite our best intentions of getting several builders quotes, shopping around and all that jazz, we found a builder we liked almost immediately. Our architect recommended him, and as luck would have it, he did our neighbours house late last year.
He quoted on our old plans, then came back again to talk to us when the new ones were done. We like him. We like his work. We like his price. Long story, short. He said he can start in three weeks. Done.
Hence me being on the fast train to panic station. I need to pack up our things, and get rid of anything that won't be going in Euphemia post restoration.
I've got several things on Ebay already. My id is 'watermelonstarlet', but I'll be uploading a whole heap more in the next week including quite a bit of furniture.
I then have to start the task of making some serious decisions with regards to tiles, wall colours, taps, ballustrades, etc.

I am fairly sure our floors will be something similar to these dark, wide boards above. I would love white, but I've heard they are a nightmare to keep clean. 
In the other photo, the one with Grace Kelly, you can see a cane chair. This is the best photo I could find, but you really need to see High Society to see these chairs. They are lime green cane, with gorgeous wide pink and white striped fabric cushions. I can see these on our front verandah, although I'm having trouble sourcing the fabric.
Enough pie in the sky. I've got boxes to pack and bits to Ebay.

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