Thursday, February 4, 2010

And out it goes....
Our Ebay jumble sale has begun! My Ebay ID is 'watermelonstarlet'. I can't remember what I originally wanted my id to be, but 50 attempts later I finally stumbled upon something that wasn't taken. Even the most cryptic ids seemed to be in use, so 'watermelonstarlet' doesn't mean anything other than, 'can I please just get started'.
One of my listings, the Scrabble tiles, has the listing number 330401148280, in case you prefer to search by that. You can then just go to 'seller's other listings' for the rest. I've only just begun so please check back every few days for updates. I'm about to list everything above, plus a lot more, including some furniture. Some things are not from Euphemia, but you'll know the difference because I've mentioned this blog in the description.
As I say in my listings, happy browsing! 

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