Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gifted and talented!
Unfortunately, I am neither gifted, nor very talented, however, if I was....ooooh, the masterpieces I would make with my haul of vintage bric-a-brac. I have a hard drive and scrapbooks brimming with all of these wonderful ideas, but not the patience, time or hand skills to make them become a reality.
However, there are an incredible amount of talented people around. This brings me to my friend Lucy. Having read my blog, she emailed me this photo as an idea on how I could use my keys. I was very excited because I think I could actually do this!! I guess it would be good wrapping for a housewarming gift.
I also have a number of other bits and pieces I'm sure some clever people could turn into wonders.

I have no idea what could be done with the old timber dominos, but I've seen people making things from Scrabble pieces. These Scrabble letters are very old wooden ones.

I have a heap of old magazines. The Woman's Day is from 1962 and the New Ideas (over 30 of them) are from 1968-1972. Most are in excellent condition. If you like crocheting, particularly dresses, bikinis and hotpants, you'll love a read of an April,1971 New Idea.

These last four photos are of a set of 50+ children's encyclopedias I have from 1922. I had always intended to keep them, but the clutter and effort of packing the house up again for work to start has made me rethink how much I can keep. In reality these would probably get put into a cardboard box under the house and deteriorate until they were competely ruined. I'm hoping someone can use the full colour plates, sepia and black and white sketches to make something beautiful. I'm thinking they could be used to make something like this...

These were made by the girls at Mondo Cherry. They sell their work at the Portside Markets in Brisbane, which are on monthly (see www.boutiquemarkets.com.au ). You can also see more from them at www.mondocherry.blogspot.com or www.mondocherry.com.au
I am just about to upload all of the above onto Ebay, and I hope by about Friday I'll have enough interesting things for sale and I'll give you my Ebay ID to have a look.


  1. Hello,

    I understand it's been a long time, but do you still have those vintage scrabble pieces?

    Thanks, Alexandra.

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