Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Decisions! Decisions!
With renovating, it's always crunch time for a decision to be made. At the moment I am in the process of talking to awning companies about some canvas awnings for the back verandah.
As I've mentioned before, the punishing western sun drives us crazy in the afternoons. I've only spoken to one company so far, with more coming tomorrow. I get the impression already though, that it's a bit of a competitive area.
It's only a matter of time until I have to give the colour to ...whoever. Í've always thought yellow and white. It's been one of those thoughts that came from nowhere and seemed to be right. Now it's time to choose, I'm wondering about my new found love of yellow and whether it's here to stay?
To narrow it down, I'm considering yellow and white stripes or a plain colour in a pretty turquoise blue. Then I saw this little doodle below, which makes me briefly workshop the most unusual idea of having various plain colours? Good idea? Shocking idea?

Hard to know, and a potentially expensive mistake to make. I do feel as though I've copped out of a lot of my more bold ideas though? Hmm? Yellow and white?


  1. I love the one you have pictured, yellow and lighter yellow. The white will get dirty so a variation on yellows would hide the dirt longer. Loving ya work! A-M xx

  2. Yes, the yellow is more a bright yellow with a beige stripe rather than pure white. We would only have them down for a couple of hours each afternoon, not overnight, so they shouldn't be targeted by bat poo!

  3. I am leaning toward the yellow stripe. I think it would look fantastic. What colours have you painted the outside of your house?

  4. My mantra to myself Madam is
    "will I still be in love with these colours next year'. But thats me, I think I get bored easily!
    I'm leaning towards the cheerful stripes.

  5. I like the colourful stripes...I also like stripes of various widths, so you get a big stripe of colour, smaller, in between etc so its a bit random and fun. I think they would happy and very beachy a bit like those cute beach huts on the beaches in melbourne, but I love the yellow too, very Qld, I think Ann-Marie is on to something though, cheers Katherine

  6. My vote is definitely for the yellow & white stripe - so stylish it will never date.