Thursday, September 30, 2010

The clear out
I haven't been posting much lately due to my new found love of the tv show, Mad Men. I am quite caught up in the lives of Don and Betty Draper, Peggy, Pete Campbell, Joan and Roger Sterling.
It's on television at the moment, but way too late for me (9.30pm can you believe). Instead, I hired the dvds from our local. It's enthralling. Totally.
In between episodes I have finally uploaded some excess stuff onto Ebay. My username is 'watermelonstarlet'. It's a stupid name which doesn't mean anything. My first fifty username choices were all taken, so this is just what I ended up with.
I'm selling a dress which used to belong to Doris, Gwennie's sister (I assume). I was going to keep it, but I changed my mind.
A couple of things causing a stir, with lots of watchers is this 1946 Castlemaine Perkins Diary, unused.
as well as this 1933 copy of Guinness Alice, which is actually very beautiful.

I've got a few complete newspapers from the 1920s.
Colour lithographs and woodblock engravings.

Two beautiful hand painted light shades. This below is the detail on one of them. I haven't listed either of them yet, but they're going.

Strange things like the Hanimex slide viewer, still in it's box, alson known as the Super Hanorama.  I bet they had one of these at Sterling Cooper.
...and the Pidgin English translation book.
I've barely made a dent. There's still some sewing paraphenalia and various bric-a-brac. It's a tedious process though.


  1. Mad Men is my favourite show. I'm watching current episodes of season 4 on

  2. I too am loving Mad Men - not sure where I have been as I have only recently started watching the series online and cannot get enough of it.

  3. I have just found your blog and am amazed by the treasure trove you have!!

    Just like your doors I am from Warwick too!


  4. I have just started on Mad Men aswell and am addicted. I also don't know what took me so long. I'm only up to the second disc of season 2. So much has changed since the 60s. The episode i have just finished watching is when Don gets a new car and the family goes on a picnic ... did you notice when they leave, Betsy shakes out the picnic blanket and they leave all their rubbish behind ... so wouldn't consider doing that these days.

  5. Oh Julie. Yes, yes, yes. I love love love Mad Men too. Season 4 hasn't disappointed. I wish I had seen your ebay treasures before now. Never mind. By the way, grass looks great.