Saturday, October 2, 2010

So much for a rainy day...
My husband is possibly classified as a workaholic. He goes to work all day, then comes home and works outside. One day this week he even did an hours work on our landscaping before he went to work.
This morning, although a lovely rainy Saturday, he had a truck of dirt arrive at 7am. He spread the dirt out and was finished by 8.55am, for the truck full of turf to arrive at 9am.
Our yard looked like a quagmire this morning and now it looks like this.

You can see the gravel driveway at the bottom of the picture.
 There are garden beds along the house which we still have to plant up. The Glauca pencil pines below will be going along the driveway.

This morning I finally, finally put the frill on the children's curtains and hung them. I had made them too short so I needed to extend them. I never want to lay hands on these things again!!

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  1. Have just found your blog and looking forward to seeing how your lovely Queenslander develops. If you are looking for inexpensive ways to create interest with borders to your garden. I will be adding an article to my blog this week they may be of interest. Have a great week, Lisa