Thursday, October 28, 2010

Presenting.....the..... Scotch Egg! Ta da!!

The external cladding..

The internal fitout....

They crack open to reveal a surprise on the inside, just like a thunder egg.
Scotch eggs make great picnic food, and while they seem fiddly to make the first time, second time round you can knock them up just as easily as a sandwich.
They are a hardboiled egg, wrapped in spiced, ground meat, then usually floured, egged and crumbed before frying.
The ones I make are a slightly healthier version from my other favourite cookbook, Simple Food by Jill Dupleix.
The Dupleix Scotch egg is wrapped in bacon and baked instead, although I didn't have any bacon yesterday so they were just nude.
Also in Simple Food I recommend the drunken potatoes, jump-in-the-pan chicken and the banana bread. My interest in retro food is waning I'm pleased to say. It's handy having the attention span of a gnat sometimes.
Tomorrow is International Teachers' Day. I know, that's all we need, another thing to remember. Since my child's teacher is rather on the groovy side, I paid a visit to my jewellery making friend Fi.
Fi makes all manner of jewellery, mainly brooches, under the label Tree Party Designs. I'll give the teacher one of these little brooches.

I got this deer for my friend Tory, who is having a birthday today. I love it, I think she will too.

Fi also has a few little do-dads other than jewellery. I also got this colouring in book, illustrated by a Melbourne artist. The character is called Sweet Lovely Camille, and we have one of them here at Euphemia.

Fi peddles her wares at the Young Designers' Market at Southbank in Brisbane, and she's going to the next Finders Keepers Market and Mathilda's Market.  You can contact her at
Well that's it folks. I am hanging some more things on the wall tomorrow including my new set of flying seagulls. The cushion lady has also finished my cushions for the daybed, so I have to tart that up toot sweet before I pick them up.
Can't wait to have the front verandah more functional.

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  1. What fantastic picnic fare. I think my kids would like these. Great teachers present!