Monday, October 11, 2010

Heaven on Earth
If I had a lazy weekend, today was it's antithesis. I got so much done it was crazy. The pouring rain has still been keeping us inside. This morning I decided to dust a shelf in the kitchen, which led to me dusting all the shelves, washing everything that was on them and dusting the kitchen lights.
Just like Patricia Field (the costumer designer for Sex in the City) never likes to repeat an outfit, nor do I see the point in repeating a shelf  'installation'.
Here are my new kitchen shelves. If you look carefully, you'll see they are different to the others.

We also hung a lot of paintings. Sorry a lot of my photos haven't turned out very well because of the light (or lack of) today. I love how this worked out.

The horse painting, Carnival, was above our piano but we've moved it to the dining room and hung three smaller paintings underneath. The smaller painters are by my husband's father. I've just put them into some simple white frames from Target ($9 each) and they've come up trumps.

We've got quite a few of John's paintings. I took some photos of the others but they didn't turn out. I'll try photographing them again soon.
We hung our old plans of the house from 1904 in the hallway. They are beautifully hand coloured.

We also took a trip to Bunnings today. I'm not usually a fan, I think it's a big shed of landfill, but today I found some gold. I got a stick-on mirror for our w-i-r, two great front door mats.

Front door mat $30.

Back door mat $20. I've been studying door mats, yes studying, them for a few months now and I was very happy with these two.
Also at Bunnings, we picked up a much appreciated toilet roll holder for the ensuite.

See, there's absolutely no need for anyone to be using their imagination on my blog.
Now I'm off back to the kitchen to crumb some pork schnitzel, and whip up a sauteed red cabbage side bit with some creamy mashed potatoes.

Then after dinner, as if this day couldn't get any better, we're watching season 3, disc  1 of Mad Men, while sipping on a long cold glass of wine. Aaah! Heaven.


  1. Hi Madam Restora, your new doormats are very classy doormats. So not Bunnings! I was wondering if you recommend a builder? I'm also in love with an old Queenslander. It has a faded grandeur but needs some TLC. Thank you, Amber

  2. Love the look of dinner. I really want to go crumb some pork now.

  3. Hello MR - I have to write in to tell you how completely enamoured I am of your blog which I just discovered today and have read from end to beginning (as you do in blog-speak). Fascinating story. Great style. As exciting, was to discover that you also grew up in Rockhampton. I was a north-sider ten years ahead of you, so I really enjoyed your retrospective on architecture on The Range. Uncanny, as I was just reflecting on far less spectacular houses in Kent Street myself today. Anyway - you've done a great job. Gwennie would love it! Best regards - Deb.

  4. Hi Julie
    Does your cushion lady do window box seats with piping? I am chasing someone local. Also, I approve as always of both artists.