Monday, October 25, 2010

Return of the bargeboard
We are largely over the shock of late last week. Those lovely folks at the bank have agreed to help us out, yet again. I don't forsee us having to see them for quite some time now - touch wood!
On the weekend my husband finished what I had started, which was painting the bargeboard (think that's what it's called) to go above our front stairs.
He then performed a death defying stunt by carrying it up a ladder and screwing it in place. Did a wonderful job too.
 Do you like our beach towels drying, Bangkok style, over the railing. It's a great look isn't it!! We don't have a clothes line yet. Doing laundry for a family without a clothes line can be very tricky.
This is the bargeboard close up.

It would have probably been easier to get a new one, but we decided to fix up the original because it was more authentic ....and cheaper.
This Weldon's Fancy Dress for Children book is another gift from Euphemia. I found it when we first moved in but it was only today that I had a good look. It has beautiful illustrations inside, many of which I think I will frame and hang on the wall.

I was even thinking about colouring some of them with some water colours. Before anyone flips their lid, I've done this before, years ago when I worked in an antique print gallery. It can look very pretty, and these aren't exactly museum quality documents to start with.

I'm off to prep the dinner now. My retro food fest is showing no signs of slowing down. Tonight we are having Tuna Mornay in individual ramekins. Actually, it's salmon mornay because I can't eat tuna after seeing that documentary called Blood, Sweat and Takeaways, which shows graphically how tuna is processed. It's stomach churning.
I intend to show you what a scotch egg looks like once I cook them, but that probably won't be until Wednesday evening. Won't that be exciting!


  1. I know you are watching the "pennys" but you can get a large wall line that even folds down, for around $90 at Bunnings, I have one in my large Fernery on the side of the house and it does a good job, undercover, out of the rain,bird or bat droppings etc. These rectangular dryers have about 20 metres of line space.
    The Barge board looks fantastic, I am sure "the old Girl" is fluffing her proverbial feathers now that she is looking so good !

  2. The barge board looks fantastic. You can stand back and stare at it and knowing that it is the original makes it all the more satisfying. ;-)

  3. The last time I laid eyes on a scotch egg was in grade 8 Home Ec class.

  4. My Pom husband absolutely adores scotch eggs. Try them with Branston pickle. Very, very nice. Scotch eggs are a great one to make with the kids. You've got me thinking that it'll be a great after school activity in our house. Have fun and keep blogging. I love to read what you've been up to.

  5. I can't believe what a stir the scotch eggs have made. I had better make sure mine are photo worthy.

  6. Wow, that costume book is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Michelle

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