Thursday, October 21, 2010

Que Sera Sera....
My self indulgent pot hunting has been brought to an abrupt halt. I went over to Cottage Garden Nursery at East Brisbane this morning, but the pots weren't quite right and not really big enough. That's it. Game's over.
When I got home I went to the letterbox to check for mail and I found an invoice from our builder. We had assumed we were all square, but apparently not. It will take all our money in the bank, reserved for finishing touches, and more!
I have always said that renovating is not all beer and skittles and I endeavour to tell our journey warts and all. You've really got to have the stomach for it people. I won't lie to you, sometimes it's tough.
I called my husband to tell him the news, he went quiet and said he had to sit down, neither of which come naturally to him.
I called the bank....for more money. They haven't rang me back yet. Hell's bells!
Oh well, I'm sure the children won't mind skipping Christmas this year.

On a brighter note, I found my favourite cookbook, Fab Food Retro Classics. It was in a box of novels under my Lily Brett books.

They don't call them 'classics' for nothing. They're good. Think dinner party favourites from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Last night we had Steak Diane. On the menu for the next week is chicken cordon bleu (chicken stuffed with ham and swiss cheese), scotch eggs (too hard to explain), prawn cocktails and apricot chicken (you either love it or hate it). I'm so happy to have found it again.
Cooking is soothing for me, and cooking food like this is as good as it gets. How timely I've found it just when I need preoccupying.
The awnings are doing a great job of keeping the afternoon sun out. Who would have thunk it?

The grass has grown so much it's been mowed already.
We've hung some more paintings.

Deep breath. As Doris Day would say, 'whatever will be, will be'.


  1. Oh, I hear you sister. I. Hear. You. Hey, I ended up selling mine! When ya gotta eat, ya gotta eat. Breathe. Deep. A-M xx PS. Paintings = gorgeous.

  2. I have that book and LUFF it!!!!! It has such soothing Old School 1970s fare. What's not to love?

  3. I've had to cut back on spending for about two years now and while it was depressing at first, I've now got to the stage where I am quite proud of myself for walking away from temptations that in the past I would have given into. My house and gardens are beautiful and in the main is completed however, it is missing all the lovely finishing touches such as furniture, artwork, window dressings etc that I see on so many of the lovely blogs I follow. Sometimes I feel like inside our house looks like a bunch of Uni students are living in it ... if only I was that young I could handle it. But as my other half constantly reminds me "how many chairs can we sit on at anyone time?". Besides, I have found that time has given me a better feel for the place and when the funds do start to come in again, I'll know exactly what I want. I also want to buy quality pieces rather than an inferior item that I buy for the sake of filling a room. Its hard ... and not much fun ... but we'll get there as will you. Its only a matter of time and patience. Also, you've got it all already ... a beautiful home filled with beautiful people. The rest is just "stuff". Nic xx

  4. I know what a scotch egg is, we made them once in Home economics at school. ;-)

  5. You guys have such a lovely home I'm sure it won't be hard to enjoy what you DO have!! I know one friend who turned 'budgeting' into her hobby. She saves so much here and there and as a result has more money than most! Maybe turn it into a challenge for yourself!! May need to swap that prawn cocktail for macaroni and cheese!!


  6. Sending empathy.
    We had a five year reno plan with our Qld'er. Hmmm...took a tad longer than we envisaged.
    Hang in there, she's looking fabulous.

  7. I do hope you turn the corner soon! Please hang in - it has to get better. Scotch eggs - havent eaten that in ages. Maybe I better do that for dinner.

  8. Oh yeah, don't I know that one. My husband thought he had his estimations right for our variation costs. Wrong! (and to think he does contract values every day in his job) ... go figure ... or maybe he should ;-) Variations were at least double hence why we have no curtains, no landscaping, driveway not finished, etc. Definitely no money for all the "pretty" things that I had planned. BUT on the flipside, it does make you appreciate when you can afford those things & how you can do without the extra things ... mind you, I'd still wish we'd gone to Fiji this year ;-)