Monday, October 18, 2010

Enamoured with enamel
I have a penchant for enamel homewares. They are actually a bit difficult to come by, at least any great range of them.
Today was a pupil free day so the children, my mother and I went into the city on the bus. To my great delight, The Tree of Life in the Wintergarden was closing down and there were deals to be done on their enamel ware.
I got this nifty set of three black and white cannisters for $20 from $60.
Also got these other little bits and pieces.

I thought these little bowls would be great for vibrant purple beetroot dip and lime green pesto.
The painted eggs below were $20 for 12 which is half their usual price. They've been around forever, but they're pretty.

These little girls skirts were too good to leave behind. They remind me of Wovenplay or Paper Wings.

That's it now. No more unnecessary spending. I'm on the straight and narrow until Christmas!

P.S. I went to Peter Baker Finch chasing the blue and white planters but they were too small for what I need.  The search goes on....soon to be called off I think. It's getting a bit ridiculous now.


  1. Love those black containers look great, did they have many in stock? Have a great week, Lisa

  2. The Wintergarden Tree of Life is closing down on Wednesday and they want all their stock sold. They had maybe one or two other sets of these cannisters left?

  3. Oohh love all your purchases Madam.
    I spy parfait glasses on the shelf. I own a cherished few that belonged to my parents.

  4. What a great day you have had! Love all of your enamel pieces! What a shame "Tree of Life is closing down" Mimi x

  5. Love the eggs. I normally have found them in wood so this is a first time for me.

  6. Bargains indeed! I love enamel too. I have a collection of cups which I hope will grow over the next few months.
    Clare x

  7. Love your blog. I saw some planters like you are after at Early Settler Windsor store this morning.

  8. Ok, now I'm off to Early Settler Windsor!