Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nostalgia and now
A friend of mine has just started a blog called Nostalgia and Now ( She has a massive collection of mainly 20th century doo-dads, and if anyone ever needed a shop, it's this gal.
Have a look at it. She has some great befores and afters, like this one.

And my favourite.

It's incredible what a lick of paint will do.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I've got another hot tip on some blue and white pots: Early Settler at Windsor? Worth a try, I'll check it out today or tomorrow. After that, I'm afraid people, I'm calliing off the search. I've spent a bit too much time on it, when I have more pressing matters of concern.
I forgot someone else from my black book. Soon after we moved in we had our roof replaced by a company called Peter Townsend Roofing (Tel 0411 784 970). The Townsend sign is present on many a shiny roofed house in our neck of the woods. I remember when Peter came out to do our quote, he stood on the roof and said, 'I did that roof over there, that one there, those two there......'  and so on. 
He specialises in tin!
I'll let you know how I go at Early Settler, to tell you the truth, I don't have high hopes, but you never know.


  1. I was in there the other day. Can't recall any pots but then I was looking for something different ... a plain white timber chair. Non existent it seems. I hope the shop assistants will be more helpful than they were when I was there. Maybe call first or try the website?

  2. Littlemissairgap, I wish you had given me the heads up on Early Settler before I got there. I'm afraid I was met with an equal amount of disinterest and annoyance. I'll explain more in my next post.

  3. sorry but i prefer the originals, white paint is hideous & a terrible thing to do to these beautiful pieces....

  4. Oh I totally disagree with the above comment..I think the white paint looks fab. Thanks for sharing..sorry your early settler store isn't very local one is great. I've been following your blog for awhile and am in awe of the amazing story of your house..take care Kym X

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE white furniture too.

  6. Oh No ! What happened at Early Settler ? Did I not tell you the correct thing ? I am so sorry if that is the case. I didn't find the staff particularly helpful for what I wanted. Did you see the pots ? With all the other blue and white things, at the back of the store from memory. Again I am so sorry if I gave you the wrong information.

  7. I went in there. Hope sprange when I saw some bigger white and blue pots than I've seen elsewhere, and there was also a smaller size. I picked up the larger one and underneath it had two price tickets, one for $39 and the other for $159. When I asked the sales assistant he said $99 for the set, one big one small. I said I only needed two large ones and he replied (in the tone usually reserved for someone for whom English is not their first language), 'Then you'll have to buy two sets'.
    I don't understand why people would automically want a large and a small pot? It's not like I was trying to buy one book end??
    Anyway, I've called off the search. Let the damn pots come to me!!

  8. Actually, I take that back. One last go! I just read the comments on my pot post and the Cottage Garden Nursery at East Brisbane may have some. One last go and than that's it!!

  9. Just having a look at the K Mart brochure and there are some canisters (Tea Coffee,Sugar) that appear to be enamel, on page 12....set of 3 for $15. Black, red or cream, might be worth checking out.
    If you need more than 3, you could just turn the script to the back.