Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bumper crop
What's with this rain, and now the howling wind? I know it's just because this year I packed up our Winter clothes early, and Mother Nature is getting a laugh at me having to sift through the storage bags constantly for warmer clothes.
Despite the cool temperatures the jacarandas seem to be pressing on with their dramatic purple displays regardless. We have two jacarandas at the front of our house and they are turning on quite the show. They are even sprinkling some of their lavender petals over our new grass to secure the extra points for pretty. They are gorgeous old girls, about 45 years old as far as we know.
That's the back of our old house you can see behind the trees actually.
I have heard that the jacaranda trees at the University of Queensland were planted to remind students that when they see the purple flowers in September/October it's time to start studying for their end of year exams. Although, I'm not sure if this is true or not.
I had big plans for the wet weekend; moving furniture, hanging paintings, cleaning out cupboards (I know, already), dusting lights. Unfortunately, my plans fell flat due to a lack of interest and motivation.
On the upside, I helped my husband do some weeding today. It was ten minutes or more before I lost interest in that too. I also picked some ripe yellow cherry tomatoes off the bush. The poor little thing is going to kill itself if it doesn't slow down production. We've had an absolutely bumper crop.

I love poking around $2 shops and cheap department stores like Big W and Target. The perils for our world of over consumption aside, you can pick up some real gems. Like these cereal/noodle/pasta bowls for only $2 each from K Mart. I got the black and white ones and the green and white stripe. They are extremely well used.

I'm off to compose my weekly 'To Do' list. Firstly, I transfer the 23 jobs I didn't get done last week, to this week's list.
Here's hoping for a more productive day tomorrow.


  1. The tale we were told, as students, was that you must never let a jacaranda flower fall on your head or else you would fail your exams. No sitting under trees during exam time for us!

  2. I was at UQ a few days ago and was told the story about the jacarandas and exam time, except I was told that if you were to catch a falling jacaranda flower you would do well. Don't you just love the way old stories get passed around?

  3. Ok, now we've got three different stories relating to UQ's jacarandas. Maybe the meaning changes each generation?

  4. The tomatoes look delicious! Loving the bowls too! Kellie xx

  5. I have been told the same story about UQ and when the flowers came out they called it 'purple panic' as everyone would know exams were looming on the horizon.

    Love the new bowls. Good to know I am not the only one who likes Kmart and Big W for a hidden gem.


  6. All I remember is that awful feeling I got in the pit of my stomach when the Jacarandas flowered... time to nuckle down and study as exams were nigh. I still have swot vac nightmares, 22 years after the fact... and hence cannot enjoy jacarandas. Love your purchases. A-M xx