Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Tonia moment
Remember Tonia Todman? She is my spiritual leader at the moment as I make my way through a mountain of old souvenir tea towels, presumably collected by Doris and Gwennie on their Aussie travels.
I am making them into pillow slips for day beds on the front and back verandahs.
Here's my first two. The front features Queensland's beautiful Wide Bay region, and the back is made from what can only be described as a Hawaiian moo moo I found in the house.
The pillow above was my second attempt. The front is a tasteful scenery collage of the Katoomba Skyway in the Blue Mountains, while the back is a smart cotton drill in navy blue with white spots.
These are merely practice. I am working my way up to the master project, where I will utilise my crisp linen teatowel depicting Coffs Harbour's Big Banana. Gorgeous.
It's not rocket science, but it keeps me off the streets.


  1. they are great...what a great way to 'preserve' the tea-towels and a great talking point too!!

  2. Have you seen the way Simone at beach vintage frames tea towels...? The cushions are fab!, you have done an amazing job, cheers katherine

  3. Yes maybe not rocket science, but stylish all the same. LOVE YOUR WORK, excellent idea keeps Gwennie still alive in my eyes!! I just amagine what she is thinking with all the lovely stuff you have done with her personal things , she would be so thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Katherine. I'll check out Beach Vintage.

  5. What a great idea. The cushions are beautiful.