Friday, September 17, 2010

The fab four
I wasn't expecting a lot today, but many wonderful things happened.
Our front stairs were painted. Val, who worked for our builder, built these stairs from scratch. They are the third set of stairs in 105 years, and are similar to the very first stairs. This is them before....
And after....

They have white ballustrade, white risers and stringers, and grey treads in a colour called Chicago, by Resene. Originally we were going to have a lighter grey, but when it went on it looked a bit weak. These look great now because there is so much contrast between the treads and the risers.
Secondly, today I ordered our awnings. When you are getting quotes for something you know little about, the first quote or two are difficult because you don't know what questions to ask really.
The first awning quote we got was from a small company who actually make the awnings themselves. His quote was incredibly less than any of the following companies. By about the third quote, I knew what mechanism needed to go on a very large awning we need. 
I ended up contacting the first man again, and asking him to requote on the other style of awning. He was still $1000 less than the others. I felt confident that he knew what he was talking about. I checked to make sure his awnings would have all the bells and whistles like the other companies, ie Colorbond hoods, etc.
They should be fitted around October 5. If all goes well, of course I will share his details with you all.
When we were in our last house we got plantation shutters installed in the living area. I got a quote from a local guy, who made the shutters in Paddington. He was very nice, but his quote was just a bit more than another larger company, who advertise on tv. I went with the slightly cheaper quote and was told they'd be ready in six weeks.
Six weeks passed, then I called. I was told another two weeks. After ten weeks had passed the shutters arrived. The installation was very average, and the quality of the shutters was very 'Made in China', if you know what I mean?
The moral of the story is, I should have gone with the smaller guy, and got a better quality product, made locally for only a little bit more.
Thirdly, our painter is almost finished so it was 'Time'. I had to go to the paint shop and get the colours for the front and back doors. I shall keep them a surprise for when they're finished.
Lastly, our friends down the road did some turfing today and gave us some leftovers. It ended up being quite a bit, so now we have some grass, unexpectedly early.

The children ran on it, they lay on it, they took their shoes off and ran on it some more.
Now I'm off for a break on Sunday. Will be gone for most of the week.
Hoping everyone enjoys their school holidays.


  1. The stairs look great, I think you chose well with the darker grey. Looking forward to seeing your awnings. I wonder what colour you ended up with? Have a lovely break! ;-)

  2. Looking GORGEOUS ! ! !

  3. I just found your blog via Kyandra Rose, the house is amazing.
    My hubby and I contemplated buying an old qldr and renovating but have opted to build.
    Your kitchen looks great, almost the same as what I have chosen.
    Can you share the colour of the bench top and doors.

  4. Your stairs look great, love the great and white, We used similar colours on our stairs. I love everything you have done to your home! Absolutely gorgeous! Mimi

  5. Gosh I love your house, what an amazing project! I'm also a renovator (new to blogland), but having a great time coming up to speed and love what you're doing. I bet you can't wait for the rest of grass, and reduction of dirt in the house. :) Sonia

  6. Ruby and Belle, I think our benchtop is Caesarstone in Nougat. It's white with large grey flecks. I don't know what our doors are. They aren't brilliant white, but more a winter white? Hope this helps.

  7. This is looking excellent. You must be getting near the end now....Exciting re the grass too. Enjoy your school holidays.x