Sunday, September 26, 2010

Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to, la, la!!!
This morning we took a trip to beautiful northern New South Wales to go to the Bangalow Markets.
In my mind I pictured us sauntering lazily through a charming country market, sampling the local produce and handicrafts. The sun shining down on us, turning us all golden haired, as we smiled and laughed,
In reality, Bangalow was more crowded than Easter in Noosa, absolutely bumper-to-bumper. The markets were so jam-packed with people it seemed too much effort to squeeze through the masses to look at anything for sale. We just had to concentrate on holding hands, lest we be lost to each other forever.
In the end, a slight nod of the head saw us all short-cutting through some stalls and hurtling ourselves over a high timber fence, like we were escaping the exercise yard at Pentridge.... but more frantically.
As we left town the traffic heading in had come to a stand still. Cars were lined up for about 3km. Poor suckers.
Moral of the story: do not visit Bangalow on a Sunday....during the school holidays.....when the monthly markets are on! Bedlam!!
On the home front, my husband has gravelled our drive way. It's a temporary measure to keep the dust and dirt from being walked through the house. I took a photo of it, but it hasn't come up all that well, so I'll include one when all the landscaping is finished.
I have decided to put our vegetable garden at the bottom of the back stairs, which is quite handy to the kitchen. It's a fairly small area, but I should be able to fit a lot into it. Initially, I had something like this in mind.
Or failing that, this.

I also like....

However, after considering our budgetary constraints, I've decided to go more this sort of thing.

Yes, modest. However, it doesn't mean it can't be pretty. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Loved the vege patch inspiration! Will you embrace sugar cane mulch? How will you stop varmints like possums eating the choicest pieces? I feel you need a book deal.

  2. Oh dear! The possums. Forgot about them. Maybe my budget can stretch to a reel of chicken wire, although that will seriously affect the aesthetics.

  3. I have just read through your blog - what a fascinating house you have bought. The history and the things you found from the previous owners are wonderful. I hope your family creates lots of lovely memories there too. I can't wait to see more of your renovations and decorating.
    Best wishes

  4. Oh dear sounds just like Eumundi markets.

    Good luck with the vege patch.
    We'll be planting veges once we move next year to our house near your neck of the woods. We are so lucky to have a resident bush turkey that comes with the house, no extra charge...oh joy.
    Are you also plagued with these critters at Red Hill?
    Chook wire in bulk me thinks.

  5. Lucky to have a bush turkey? Never heard that before!!

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