Thursday, September 23, 2010

The red door (that thinks it's pink)
While I was away the painter finished up. One of his last jobs was to put the colour on our front and back doors. Originally, the front door was going to be turquoise or a green like Silk Road, but instead, it ended up being Sensual Red by Resene.
Here it is again...
It's a bizaar colour. The more you try to pin it down as a red or a pink the more unsure you become.
I took my inspiration (or stole the idea, however you want to look at it) from a house we love on Hamilton Hill. This is it.
I think I nearly nailed the colour actually. Very happy. Now I just need to get a front door mat and some furniture out on the verandah.
The back door is shiny, classic black. My husband's choice. It will go really well with the awnings, which should be fitted in a couple of weeks. Ditto for the back verandah, re 'jazzing up'.  Actually, I'm after a couple of large ceramic pots in blue and white if anyone sees some somewhere, the Chinese-ey style ones. I've had no luck thus far.

I also managed to photograph my latest find today. I found these chairs at a charity shop up north, and got drenched to the bone packing as many as I could into the back of my Ishibishi. I've dragged 12 home. Not sure if I'll keep them all or sell half?
They are in ridiculously mint condition. I've got them in a beautiful bluey-green colour, yellow and red. To top it off, they have CWA written on the underside. Not bad for $2 each!!!! There's about 60 more back at the shop. There's 660km between me and them and it's driving me crazy!


  1. I really like your bold front door. And I like your sebel chairs too. Very cool.

  2. 'Slightly-sucked-Redskin-red', my best description of your front door colour.
    Having sat on many of those chairs in many a country hall in my day, can't say I'm a fan.

  3. Wow - fabulous door colour & fabulous chairs, what a find! You have inspired me to do our door, have been contemplating it for some time but couldn't decide on a colour - so thank you.


  4. Gorgeous red/pink door! Just adds that final, "we have arrived" touch! That lovely Hamilton home is the work of Michelle Marsden, Canadian architect, who lives and works on the Gold Coast. I went through it during the build...just as wonderful inside, beautiful cornices, stone fireplaces....the works! A-M xx

  5. Wow great choice of colour.
    Love a bold door that yells 'look at me'!

  6. You must have a good eye for colour becasue I think you have matched it perfectly to the door that inspired you so. I see pink...and I like it!
    X Briohny.

  7. I love the doors (both the pink/red one and the black one). It looks like your painter has done a great job. I have a question for you ... can you pass on the number of the person who recently did your cushions? I've got some fabric and need some cushions made up but don't know where to go. I'm in Brisbane. Many thanks.

  8. Oh my goodness. I'm in LOVE with that Hamilton house - it's one my sister and I have often admired (and maybe stalked just a little!) Everything about it is divine, but that front door really is the icing on the cake. Love your colour match, you've definitely nailed it and it looks amazing. K xx