Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And we're all in this together
Have a look at this green frog hitching a ride with a brown snake. It's very symbolic of the way our city has united.
It seems while we were glued to the tv watching the flooding up north, water was creeping up behind us in real life.
The river is expected to peak at 3am tomorrow morning. It will seep in silently while most of us are asleep, and thousands of people will wake to finally discover the damage they actually have, after all this speculation.
Our neighbour has just been up to the shops at Paddington and had a 25 minute wait to buy the morning paper. There is a line up of at least 100 people at Woolworths and groups are being allowed through the door one at a time. I'm assuming the supermarkets restocked their shelves last night, because every stick of food sold out yesterday.
When it was belting rain yesterday we had magpies seeking shelter from the weather on our verandah. I've never really seen that before.
Sick of sitting around feeling useless, my husband has headed off to Newmarket to help fill sandbags.
You would think (illogically, of course) that in a city sophisticated enough to sport so many great restaurants, cafes and bars, even an Hermes store and a Louis Vuitton, that we are somehow untouchable by something like a natural disaster, but Mother Nature is certainly showing us whose the boss. 
It's all a bit surreal for now.


  1. It is just surreal - hoping you're okay x

  2. It is so weird my husband got turned away at Paddington Woolies yesterday. It is waiting game and everyone I know in Brisbane is exhausted. Have you seen Rosalie - I just saw images on the ABC and it looks bad - all the familiar shops are under. That photo of the snake and the frog is amazing - it actually brought a smile even though I HATE snakes.


  3. Our thoughts are with you all.
    Stay safe.

  4. I agree it is very, very surreal. I am at work on the Gold Coast and can barely concentrate knowing what is unfolding just "up the road" so to speak. Stay safe and take care, Mel xx

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