Sunday, January 9, 2011

A long term love
We have had yet another day of drenching rain. When oh when will it end? Please, no one say 'April'. Everything in the house is damp and smelly, and mould seems to grow on anything that sits still long enough.
This morning we were planning on heading up to Mt Tamborine for their monthly market, but by the time we got to the city we could hardly see a metre in front of us for the pelting rain and turned back.
This lull in activity, however, gives me the perfect opportunity to tell you of my long time love of some local designers.
When I was a school gal, I would often walk through the Brisbane Arcade in the City specifically to visit my favourite shop, Lydia Pearson.  It had luxurious silk, cotton and linen clothes under the Lydia Pearson brand and also another label called Bow and Arrow.
The prices were far beyond my reach, but I thought 'when I grow up' this is all I'm going to wear. Lydia Pearson eventually teamed up with her friend Pamela to form Easton Pearson. 
While they are still based in Brisbane, now they show in Paris and are sold through boutiques all over the world.
Each item is beautifully made and embellished, embroidered, beaded, sequined and fringed within an inch of its life. I can't get enough of it! And the colour!!

I went mad for this Dahlia dress, below.

I have to admit, Easton Pearson is not everyone's cup of tea. The pieces are works of art. However, if you're trying to hook a husband, you probably don't want to wear something like these below for example.

But certainly these could do the trick....

This is Pamela and Lydia.

Imagine having a wardrobe full of these at your disposal

These pieces were in their Retrospective at GOMA, Brisbane.

Love, love, love.

I've managed to secure myself a few pieces, but I plan on growing the collection a lot more.
I have been thinking about Easton Pearson even more than usual lately. I'm going to work a bit this year if I can. I have been working on some inroads to get directly in contact with Lydia and Pamela. I have sent my details to them before, but they've been headed off at the pass by other staff. It's good to have a goal!
I wonder if they need anyone to sweep their floor?


  1. These are gorgeous!!!! How can I find them in California? Do you know if they have an online shop? I've searched Google and I cannot find anything but a modeling agency...

  2. I know EP is definately available in the USA. Contact them at to find out exactly where.

  3. Their work is stunning! I love the colours and some of those dresses are divine :)

  4. Just beautiful....and everything is starting to feel damp here too, so over it, but pretty clothes and images will cheer us up. Mel xx

  5. The other great thing about Easton Pearson is that they make great pajamas. I took some photos on a recent shopping event: