Saturday, January 22, 2011

A sunny Saturday
Post-flood the weather has actually been the sunniest we've had all Summer. We headed outside and finished painting one side of the house, then we put in some hedge plants.

As you can see, I moved the gardenias I'd bought for the pots at the back door downstairs, and put them in the ground (hmm, that sentence needs a bit of work, but hopefully you know what I mean). We'll see how they go there.
The hedge plants are our trusty murrayas. We aren't fantastic gardeners, so we have to largely stick to what we know.
All the rain, as much of a curse as it has been (a mad understatement), has actually made everthing grow madly. Even things in pots are looking spiffy.

Soon we will be turning out attention to a neglected corridor which needs plants and turf, and attention in general. All in good time though.

Lotus from Red Phoenix Style ( gave me this award.

I dón't want to blow my own trumpet, but it's not easy being stylish while banging on about guinea pigs and hedge plants and lentil dahl. I think 'stylish' may be a bit ott actually.
Now I have to detail seven interesting facts about myself, as I understand. Since I couldn't think of any interesting ones, these will have to suffice.

Fact 1
I love American sitcoms. My favourite is The Nanny. There I said it. I even know every word to the theme song....She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens, til her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes, what was she to do, where was she to go, she was out on her fanny.....
Whilst The Nanny may be my favourite, I believe Seinfeld is actually the best. People will still be laughing at that in 50 years.

Fact 2
I have been looking for the perfect nude lipstick my entire adult life. Frustratingly, last year I found an old one of my mother's which was from Avon, but (this is the frustrating bit) I couldn't read the name on the bottom, it was so old. If anyone knows a good one for a fair skinned, blue eyed brunette, please don't hold it back.

Fact 3
My favourite food is Vietnamese. For me, it is like medicine, all those fresh raw vegetables, lean meats and deliciously salty sauces. There is no big night out that cannot be corrected the next day with a huge bowl of clear Viet soup.

Fact 4
When I was a teenager/young woman I wanted to grow up and be the Editor of US Vogue. When I was a teenager/young woman, Anna Wintour was the Editor of US Vogue. I have in fact, worked very briefly for Australian Vogue, but that didn't quite scratch the itch.

Fact 5
My father only has nine toes, although I hasten to add that he was not born like this. He had a motobike accident as a young man and curiously his second toe (next to his big toe) was cut off.

Fact 6
If I could go back and live in another decade, I think I'd choose the roaring twenties, sans 1929 of course.

Fact 7
I have been with my husband for twenty years this year. We started 'going out' when we were 19, and we got married a week after I turned 26.

That's it. Told you it wasn't very interesting.


  1. Oh, I think you underestimate your interest to others!

    And the best gardens are the simplest ... my husband treated our Japanese box hedges like a fourth child ... those murrayas (orange jessamines I'm guessing) will be wonderful, and gardenias are so lovely.

    The main thing is you have lots of grass for the pigs.

  2. Seinfeld is the bomb. I have watched re-runs and re-runs and still laugh. Its amazing how many times a situation from Seinfeld will play out in real life ... as they said it was "The show about nothing". I LOVE IT.

  3. Try L'Oreal Beige 809. I just found it and I like it for a great neutral color. It's a bit weird tasting like all L'Oreal products but I love the color so I tolerate it. :) Hope it works for you.
    J in Roseville, California

  4. Loved reading your seven facts! I also have a secret penchant for crappy American sitcoms and would love to be the Editor of Vogue!

    In terms of nude lipstick I highly recommend Revlon 'Just Enough Buff' it is creamy and 'super lustrous'. I wear it just about everyday!