Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog luv XX

These are some of  (but not all) the blogs that I am a big fan of.
This belongs to a friend of a friend. She's obviously a very talented gal. Beautiful colours and funny stories.
As you probably know this belongs to my super talented friend EAP. There's plenty of snippets of her beautiful house and some great befores and afters.
This is my cousin, Fiona's, blog. She lives in the bush and is annoyingly talented at pretty much anything she tries; mothering, photography, artificially inseminating cows, things like that.
Most of you will know this one. Witty, glamorous, always good for a laugh.
I think this blog has changed it's name now. It used to be Posie Gets Cozy.  Alicia Paulson is a clever little Amercian girl who whips up all manner of things, food and crafty-wise. She has published her own books now.
For a bit of fashion.

I have been doing a bit of soothing trawling lately and these are some of my latest op shop finds.

Anchor Hocking Royal Ruby Vase ($1), manufactured between 1937 and 1976. Hasn't been cleaned yet, but it's still pretty.

Cute little Anna Sui cocktail dress ($15) with little cherries embroidered over it. Made in the US.

Silver candlestick ($5), nothing special but I really like it.

Megan Park grey/green silk dress ($15) from last Summer's collection. Megan Park could roughly be described as the UK version of Easton Pearson, even though technically I think she is Melbourne born. What I would like to know is if this is what some woman has thrown out, what has she deemed good enough to keep??  It's beautifully made and I love the cream beaded detailing around the neckline.


  1. Fab collecting Madam. Did you find these treasures in Paddington? The vase for $1! Wow

  2. I just saw that twirlingbetty makes those fabulous 50s-style sun visors - I've always had in the back of my mind to buy some for my offspring.

    She is very talented ... and your cousin seems very clever and down-to-earth. I 'discovered' her the other day and hopefully you're mention of her blog with draw her some more readers!

  3. Wow those two dresses are beautiful.Great finds. If you like fashion and a laugh you should read


  4. Thanks for the shout out! Love that fancy pants frock x

  5. Hi, Just wondering if you are happy to share the supplier details for your amazing awnings?? Have looked back in the blog to when you ordered them, but I can't find anything listed. Many thanks. Gaynor.

  6. Meant to put their details. We used Lyle Carne from Awnings Blinds Direct. His phone numbers are 3372 5188 and 1300 799 878. If you don't know much about awnings, I'd get a couple of other quotes before you call Lyle so you can tell him exactly what you're after. He was good to deal with and beat similar other quotes by more than $1000.

  7. Thankyou for the kudos my sweet city cousin.
    I will continue to enjoy your entertaining writing and continue to be amazed that I share genetics with someone of such impeccable style!

  8. Thanks Madam Restorer for the Awning information & advice. I guess I'm about to learn a lot about awnings!!! Kind regards, Gaynor.

  9. It's a fascinating subject Gaynor, fascinating.

  10. What great op shop finds. Why do I only ever manage to find the ugliest of the ugly? Both dresses are gorgeous & yes, it does make you wonder what was put in the Keep pile if these were in the Throw pile.

  11. Thanks for the blog luv. I am indeed feeling the love. But not for my own blog, mind. No the love I'm feeling (apart from towards you for your blog love) is love for your yellow and white awnings. And I'm jealous of Gaynor. I want some too. But I'm not sure they'd go with my 19th century worker's cottage? Then again, I've never loved matchy matchy things.
    Seriously though, your blog is lovely and I adore your house. Your kitchen...ahhhh, I could actually live my entire life just in that space. Your white tile splashback sings to me.