Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Tom & Eric Show
When I woke up this morning I had no idea I'd have two extra mouths to feed in the household by the time I went to bed, but that's how it's panned out.
This morning my husband called me from work to say someone he knew, knew someone who had a daughter who was going overseas and was giving away her two guinea pigs, hutch and all.
All our children asked for for Christmas was a guinea pig, or a guinea rabbit as they call them. They received two toy ones which squeak and carry on, but it's not quite the same as having a real live pooping one.

Needless to say, they were delivered just after lunch. The brown one is Eric and the white one is Tom. One is named after Mr Baby and the other is just a name we liked. They smell like celery, carrot and manure. I actually plan to harvest their manure for our vegetable garden when we get it going. I think it would be super dooper fertilizer. They're like tiny cows, I might even end up with a whole 'herd' of them. I think they're proper name is Cavia?
They are nervous little things. They seem to think they've landed in Brazil and might be at any time, sauteed for entree.
One thing I learnt today about guinea rabbits is that they make cats seem the most attentive, affectionate animals ever. I think I just won't expect much from them and I shouldn't be disappointed.
Our friend from over the road had dinner with us tonight. He brought Mary with him of course. They both leave for Melbourne on Tuesday morning. They will both be missed.
We'll have a bit more of a special dinner on Monday night, but for tonight I still dragged out these pretty placemats. They are actually made of rubber or plastic.

Remember we got these yellow and white striped awnings last year, but only along the back of the house? Well, the sun seemed to changed direction a bit once it got to Summer and we needed to get them down the side too.

They also offer a bit of privacy.

We almost got a storm this afternoon, but it seemed to blow away before we got too much rain. I thought a shower may be helpful for people to wash the mud off things and to soften it up again so it's easier to remove.

The massive clean-up continues, and will do so for a long time yet. My friend EAP helped out for a couple of days and wrote about it on her blog, www.nostalgiaandnow.blogspot.com 
A house across the road from us sold last year and the family moved to Indooroopilly into their brand new house, which was flooded half way up the top floor.
There are so many terrible stories emerging that don't make it onto the news. For those not affected there can be an incredible feeling of guilt.
It is terrible to see our beautiful city covered in sticky, horrid smelling mud, roads are cracked and pot holed.
I cannot imagine what you would do if you lost everything you owned, including the family home, and you had no insurance.  Where and how would you start to rebuild your life?
Flood affected or not, the whole experience has reminded people of what truly matters. I look at parts of the 'garden' that are nothing but bare rubble and some weeds, and suddenly I'm not in such a rush anymore. I am just happy that we are all well and safe.


  1. Have been down the path of guinea pig ownership and must say I really like the little critters. Our cavies loved to be bathed, cuddled and scratched on the belly. Mind you our kids got them as babies and so they were hand reared and docile. Madam just be careful regarding hot weather, don't leave the cage in direct sun.
    Oh and Tom & Eric's mission in life is to eat and poo.

  2. That all sounds reassuring. I think we can do all that.

  3. Would so love to have some guinea pigs, both for the kids and myself. Just as long as they don't bite ... Here's a link to the Cavy Rescue group. I quite like the look of Billie & Elmo here in Brisbane.

  4. hehehe the guinea pigs are so cute! I love your cheerful yellow and white awnings...they are so pretty..we went with b&w on this little cottage and they do a good job dont they?! That is so sad about the family that moved to Indooroopilly, you would never believe this would have happened. take care and i am enjoying your blog, Mel xxx

  5. I share your sentiments in being patient with the 'to do' list when my place seems incongruous with the affected houses. How fortuitious to receive guinea pigs. The kids must be delighted!