Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This photo is of a restaurant which sits on the Brisbane River, called Drift. It used to be called Oxley's and it's been there forever. I went there for lunch when I was a school girl.
It has apparently just 'snapped off', floated down the river, then sank to the bottom. The army is considering whether to deliberately sink the Moggill Ferry and the party boat called The Island, so they don't become floating torpedos.
Helicopters are continuing flying over our heads. It seems our favourite fish and chip shop, Fish Lovers at Rosalie is underwater.
The mayor has just announced the sewerage works has been damaged and raw sewerage is running into the river.
The streets around us are incredibly quiet, even though most people are at home.
We sit and watch the disaster on tv as it unfolds in real time just over the hill.It's almost too much to comprehend.


  1. I was so sad to hear the little cafe that my husband took me to on our first date is now underwater at Rosalie. Please stay safe! Thinking of everyone in the South East!

  2. It's just so devastating, I can't believe what is happening to this city. I have just heard that they may have to sink the Moggill Ferry and The Island party barge. Friends of ours are on the river at Hawthorne, it really is taking an emotional toll. Stay safe, Robyn

  3. It is such a weird time - I just went and had a look at Rosalie and it is really bad - the Milton State School, Sings, the Gourmet market, the wine shop, Fish Lovers etc all have water up to the top of their front doors. Very sad for the home and business owners there.


  4. Such a terrible, terrible glad you are safe... just devastating for all..take care... x

  5. it is just so weird and surreal. Rosalie makes me feel very sad indeed. x

  6. Dear Madam, I have been hoping and hoping that your house is okay. We just went up the river on the way to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in December and feel so sad that so many of those houses are underwater and remember the captain pointing out that restaurant. It is sobering what is happening - I cannot understand it. My girls and I loved the photo of the frog taking a lift on the snake - it was a positive image among so many terrible ones. We are thinking of you and hope that it stops raining.