Monday, January 3, 2011

Where was I?
Once upon a time, I left my job at a newspaper and went to work in an advertising agency/sweat shop. After eight months of working twelve hour days and pushing the salmonella envelope as to how many times one can reheat one's lunch at one's desk, I panicked and went back to my previous job.
It was a very big mistake.
Hopefully, my decision to resume The Old Girl won't end in tears. I decided to keep blogging because:
a) I feel like I'm going crazy writing posts in my head and never using them
b) I think I have a lot more to say
Originally, I started the blog to keep a record of our work on the house, and as the house is not done, nor should the blog be. I shall plod along at my own pace.
I hope everyone enjoyed, or at least endured the festive season. It's a lot of pressure to have fun at the press of a button.
Motherwell coped very well with a crowd of 20 on Christmas Day. Christmas night I managed to photograph Teddy sitting in the Christmas tree, the evil cat. He obviously presumed that the line up of empty champagne bottles in the kitchen indicated that I'd be off my game, and he could get away with anything.

My husband has been on holidays for a couple of weeks and has managed to build the awning over the French doors downstairs. This is how they looked before, being belted by the weather.
This is the new awning. As you can see it's not finished yet. We still have to paint it, and the concrete bases on the posts will be covered with stones.

The window hoods and battoning (or eyebrows) also need to go up and this will take away the starkness of the side wall.

We are still waiting to see if my father's property will be inundated with water in the Rockhampton floods. I check in with him each day, and each day he seems to be losing a bit more confidence that he'll be ok where he is. The next day or two will tell. There is no way we can get there to help him either, all roads, rail and the airport are closed. It's very frustrating.
On new year's day I received both terrible news and wonderful news from two different and very close friends literally within minutes. I'm going to be a bridesmaid in March!! Expect me to be very stroppy for the next couple of months while I subject myself to the 'bridesmaids diet'!!

The new year is certainly off to an eventful start, and I'll be blogging all the way.


  1. Hip hip hooray!!! You're back.
    On a more sombre note, do hope your Dad makes it through okay. The devastation everywhere in these parts is difficult to comprehend.
    Look forward to keeping up with happenings in the deep south.

  2. Well I'm certainly glad that you've decided to hang in there with blogging. I've found your renovations to be very interesting of course being in the same boat, albeit with a crappier house; but I love all the other interesting capers you share. You've a wonderful writing style, and I'm a fan!
    The eyebrows over that door look fab. It seems all husbands are put to work if on annual leave at home. Best wishes for your Dad.

  3. I have a husband who's currently been commissioned to the flood-affected areas of the State.

    I'm hoping he's really helping people because I'm finding I'm needing a bit of a hand since he's been gone.

    Though I am glad I don't open a kitchen cabinet and find a flat-head flop out.

    Thrilled you're back, by the way.

  4. Happy New Year and welcome back. You've brightened up what has so far shown itself to be a lack lustre 2011.

    Best wishes to your Dad and all the other flood affected people in this, our sunny, state.

    Looking forward to hearing about your going ons.

  5. Happy New Year to you Madam Restora. Great news that you have decided to continue blogging, always a pleasure to read.

    Love the cat in the Christmas tree!

  6. So glad that you decided to keep blogging. Hope the New Year is all that you want it to be. I can't imagine what your Dad must be going through, the anxiety must be terrible, my heart breaks for all those people who have lost so much, we put a lot of love into making a house a home. The awning looks gorgeous, you made me laugh as I have always referred to the hoods as eyebrows too. Have a great day, Cheers Robyn

  7. Welcome back and Happy New Year! I am glad you have returned as I enjoy your blog and I love the new look. We have had similar issues with our door warping due to the rain and are contemplating a similar structure. Hope your Dad is ok, we have many relatives in Rockhampton too. ;-)

  8. Yay you are back ! I hope your father's property will be OK - what a crazy December we have had weather wise. The new awning is beautiful what a difference you guys have made to that beautiful old house.

    Happy New Year

  9. so glad you're back! Love your blog, keep it up.

  10. Wahooo! No pressure, but..welcome back. Your background shows as your expression is interesting and enjoyable.
    Was a big loss, Madame!
    House looks great, like the new look. Hope Rocky situation gets no worse!
    Wendy C.

  11. Yay - you're back! Hope your Dad's doing okay in Rocky. Any chance you could send your hubby down to Adelaide?! I think my hubby must be broken - he had last week off and did nothing at all!! So I'm pestering him to take another week off soon to tackle my jobs list ;)

  12. Hooray! Hooray! Now I will go and read this and the most recent post! Wonderful you are continuing to write! Thank you!