Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Farewell to Mary Agnes
Our friends from across the road moved back to Melbourne today, taking our little ex-dog Mary Agnes with them. They have a two day road trip ahead of them.
Inspired by the Jack Russell our friends owned, we decided to buy one too. About ten years ago, we took a trip out to Gatton on a Friday night and met a man at the KFC there, who let us select our puppy from the four he had running around in the boot of his car.
He said she was placid, which she wasn't. The following day we were having breakfast at Tognini's in Milton, mainly to show off our new puppy, when a lady walking past stopped suddenly. 'Is that a Jack Russell?', she demanded.
'Yes', I said proudly. 'Good luck!', she scoffed and marched off.
Mary has a piercing, frantic yap, even now, as she's approaching her tenth birthday. As a little puppy, one of our neighbours would often put a note in our letterbox saying how she barked while we were out. It got to the point where Mary went to live with my sister.....for about four years! It was meant to be six months, but when I said we could take her back, I was met with resistance. She's a lovable little thing.
When my sister moved into a townhouse Mary had to come back to live with us. The problem with this was, that we had a cat and no fence.
Since our friends dog had just passed away, they were keen to look after Mary for us. The three of them fell in love, and that is how my little dog has come to move two states away.
I feel a bit teary actually. It's amazing how humans get attached to some animals, and eat others!

This is the little mutt...and she is tiny. I've always kept an eye out for a Jack Russell as small as her and have never seen one.
I keep looking over at their house, which is in darkness. I feel abandoned. Will she think about me?
Maybe this is karma?


  1. Mary Agnes! What a gorgeous, dare I say it, Catholic name.

    You did your best for Mary Agnes ... sounds like she's had a great Jack Russelly time!

    (Men who have reason to have their boots open in KFC carparks will say anything.)

  2. Yick! Are there lots of men with their boots open at KFC??
    Mary Agnes (it's actually Maryann Agnes) will have a great time. They treat her like a child. She's lucky to have two dads!
    Here, she'd just be treated like a dog.

  3. Funny that you post a story about your dog today, as my sister just discovered that her little dog died. She is terribly upset.

  4. Oh yes, a fast-food joint carpark screams nothing at me but 'Den of Iniquity!!' ... even if the crime is as innocent as over-exaggerating the passivity of one's profitable, pint-sized pup.

  5. Mary is a real cutie. Take heart that she has two loving carers. Maybe they can send you an occasional pic.