Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting frocked
This morning we whipped up these little apple tea patty cakes. They were 'delicioso', as Dora would say.
When you're a mother you need to be able to whip up a dozen patty cakes (or cupcakes as the Americans call them) in record time.

I've made thousands of them I think. Whenever I go shopping I throw a couple of bags of the generic brand cake mix in vanilla. These normally cost about 67c.  With this mix you can make about a thousand different varieties of cake.
With these, we mixed it up and put it into the patty papers, then sprinkled them with diced fresh apple, brown sugar and cinnamon, then baked.
You can add cocoa for chocolate cakes, throw in some mixed frozen berries and white chocolate, add lemon zest, coconut, mashed banana, whatever, whatever.
Now, I have been collecting old frocks for years. I thought you may be interested to see a couple.
This one below has a doubtful heritage since I bought it on Ebay one night. You could say I was drink-bidding, similar to drink-dialling but more expensive.

It may have come from America? It's the most gorgeous shade of salmon pink.

I happened to have this little ostrich wrap thing that goes with it. Don't worry, I'll never wear it out.

One Saturday morning I was at the West End Markets at about 6.30am and came across a girl newly arrived from Sydney who was offloading some vintage stuff to get some cash. I bought these three pieces from her.

I really should have put this black and gold one on the mannequin, it definitely needs a body in it. I call it the 'Russian dress'.

These little purses were all Euphemia's, Doris' or Gwennies?

These skarves were Gwennie's. I presume they are good fakes. Gwennie treated herself, but I think these would have been ott. One is a Chanel and the other is a Hermes with little hot air balloons on it. 


  1. Loving your vintage frocks. Mr FF saw your blog and called me over to look at your pink door! He loves your house. I do too. Both scarves are fakes but who cares-Gwen would've loved them sick and felt fab in them x

  2. Your West End finds are so fantastic and I love the purses that came with your house. Do you wear your vintage frocks - I hope you do ?


  3. Hi India, I used to wear the vintage dresses quite a bit, but I find as I get older I'm in danger of looking senile rather than groovy.